This page explains in a simple way some of the things you can do to contribute.

Subscribe to a new group of makers

Through this search engine group finder, you can find all the already existing teams within this community.

 If you cannot find a group that represents you and you think there might be more people like you that are near you, you can create a new 'group of makers' with the following link: 


Subscribe to a new manufacturing center

The manufacturing centers are places where the makers have their printing machines and where all the magic happens within this big community. In some cases, they are indeed centers or FAB LABS, however, more often than not, makers are working from their homes or printing farms. 

It is not mandatory, but we would really appreciate knowing where your center is and how many machines you have at your disposal. 

If you want to be cautious with your privacy, it is not necessary to indicate the exact location of your center or printing location. You can approximate where you are located to nearby streets or the town square center, for example. 

It is important to know where all the manufacturing centers are for logistic purposes. 

You can see all the centers your maker friends are working on in this centers map.

You can add your manufacturing center and all information regarding your machines in the following link: 

Add your maker center

Share how many pieces you have created

We know we will not have the exact number, but it does help us to approximate the number of pieces that have been created in each part of the world. 

Let us know every time you deliver pieces to someone in need (hospitals, geriatrics, police stations, people in the street, your neighbors..) or to a local group so they can, in turn, finish disinfecting the pieces. 

This will allow us to have statistics that will be able to show on the web, this will also help this social movement gain more momentum so other people can learn about us and contribute. 

Additionally, this information will allow the groups to know an approximation of all the fabricated pieces out there that have not been delivered yet. 

So, please, every time you have finished pieces from your printers:

Register new prints