Who is Coronavirus3dprint.com?


We are a group of thousands of online volunteers working together to provide necessary services whilst our society tries to accelerate all the protection measures needed for all of us.   

Our initial idea was formed thanks to coronavirusmakers.org, however, we are an independent platform. We wanted to shed light on all the work provided by this organization, by the makers, who are the people that are helping those most in need. 

The most important aspect of the project is to raise awareness of what we are trying to do, where we are doing it, and to find people who can help us accomplish our goals. 


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We DO NOT manage what people are printing, local groups are in charge of determining that.  Each locality has different demands for materials and different designs that need to be approved by health services. 

We only provide the platform to help facilitate the communication between all the poeple that want to form part of the manufacturing groups. 


How to navigate this platform

We are still in our development phase, however, our main ideas are:

Makers Groups

Showcase in a map all the different groups of Makers that are being organized. 

This will allow:

  • the formation of new groups at a more local level
  • to find which group is benefitial for you to join through a map
  • the users to show in what groups they form part of

Show the machines that we have 

Showcase in a map all the different manufacturing centers (the makers houses). 

This will allow:

  • to know where the most manufacturing centers are 
  • to know which areas are having logistic problems
  • to know how many machines we have at our disposal, what technologies are being used, what printing area, and the materials that can be printed

To know the amount of fabricated pieces

The users will be able to show in a map how many pieces they have fabricated and have the ability to upload pictures. This will facilitate all the logistics entailed and we will be able to raise awareness through social media (so more people can join).

If we are able to determine in which localities they have lack of products or products that need to be distributed we can communicate with the nearest groups to help facilitate the production or their distribution. 

This can also be used to determine who is helping most, and, if there are bussiness that want to donate products, they can be easily contacted.

For now Spain...in the future, the Whole World

Right now we are focusing our efforts to operate in Spain, however, as soon as we can, we will start translating so other countries can use this platform as well.